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  1. However , it is to be noted that some attempts to increase sound levels were also made (such as in the improvement of the so made by the blind koto master yamada ).
  2. On the other hand , the wagakki used in the field of music played outdoors at festivals (festival music , shinto music , etc .) can provide sufficiently high sound levels .
  3. In the case of wagakki , the sophistication of tones rather than higher sound levels has been pursued so that delicate changes in tones could be enjoyed in a quiet room .
  4. Because western music , particularly since the emergence of orchestral music , has been played in large spaces such as concert halls , the musical instruments were required to provide higher sound levels .
  5. Consequently , some musical instruments (violins and flutes , for example ) have been improved to provide higher sound levels at the cost of other features such as delicacy of tone , ease of playing , a pleasant touch , etc ., and the other instruments (viols , lutes , recorders , etc .) that weren ' t suitable for this adaptation have disappeared .
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