sound of a waterfall 意味

  • 滝の音
  • waterfall:    waterfall n. 滝; 瀑布.【+動詞】The waterfall has a drop of 623 feet.その滝の落下距離は 623 フィートであるA waterfall tumbled into the pool. 1つの滝が淵へと落ちこんでいた.【形容詞 名詞+】a spectacular waterfall壮観な瀑布a towering waterfall《文語》 そびえ
  • basin of a waterfall:    滝壺{たきつぼ}
  • gush of a waterfall:    ごうごうと湧き出る滝


  1. love the sound of a waterfall .
  2. in fujinomiya city , shizuoka prefecture , there is a waterfall called otodome no taki (sound stopping waterfall ) which has a legend that when the soga brothers were secretly plotting their revenge on suketsune kudo , they could not hear properly due to the roaring sound of the waterfall , so prayed to god , on which the sound of a waterfall immediately stopped .
  3. moreover , though the time was uncertain , but there was an anecdote recording in tona ' s " seiasho " that , tameie accompanied tamenori in serving in the renga-kai (linked verse contest ) held in yoshida izumi-dono pavilion of saion-ji temple second residence , the sound of a waterfall was bothering that tamenori used his wit to close the waterfall .
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