sound of crying 意味

  • 泣き声[音]
  • crying:    cryingショーロ泣く泣くなくなく
  • always crying:    《be ~》泣いてばかりいる
  • crying aloud:    crying aloud号泣ごうきゅう叫号きょうごう


  1. if you hear the sound of crying , will they leak ?
    もし子供の泣き声がしたら 漏れたりする?
  2. a magnificent procession of all who walked before and after the coffin were , kamon (family ), shukuro (chief vassal ), samurai taisho (in charge of guard and departure for the front in a war ), bugyo (magistrate ), tonin (the director ), kinju (attendant ) and tozama (outside feudal lord ), brave troops followed , people suppressed the sound of crying with their sleeves , and men and women of all ages could not suppress tears .'
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