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  • source book
  • at source:    源で、根源で
  • source:    source n. (もの 事の)源泉; 原因; 水源(地); 源; 出所, 筋; 資料.【動詞+】cite one's sources引用の出典をあげるcreate new sources of racial antagonism新たな人種的反目の原因を生みだすcredit the source of an article記事の出所を明らかにするdevelop alternative ene
  • source of:    《be ~》~の源泉{げんせん}[もと]である、~を生む[生み出す?作り出す]


  1. it is a source book for " complete works of japanese classic literature ."
  2. a text in the cabinet library is a source book for " new complete collection of japanese classic literature ."
  3. it was used as a source book for (old ) anthology of classical japanese literature ' the tale of genji ' collated by tokuhei yamagishi
  4. hotokubon (yomei second printing ), owned by the yomei library , belongs to this line , and it was a source book for " new complete works of japanese classic literature ."
  5. it is considered the best among the aobyoshi-bon line manuscripts which are almost complete set of volumes , and adopted as a source book for many variorums such as ' genji monogatari taisei .'


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