source of income 意味

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  • source of income
  • income source:    income source金箱かねばこ
  • alternative income source:    農業{のうぎょう}?牧畜業{ぼくちく ぎょう}に替わる新しい収入源{しゅうにゅうげん}
  • biggest source of income:    最大{さいだい}の収入源{しゅうにゅうげん}


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  1. if i don't have this , my source of income disappears .
  2. you don't even have a source of income .
    あなたには 収入なんて ないでしょ
  3. i'm hanging my source of income on this bet right now .
  4. plus , it's a good source of income for us .
  5. and right now , the hospital's number 1 source of income is surgery .
    今 病院の一番の収入源は 手術なんですから。


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