special instruction 意味

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  • 特殊命令{とくしゅ めいれい}、特記事項{とっき じこう}
  • instruction:    instruction n.(1) 教授, 教育, 指導; 知識, 教訓.【動詞+】Instruction is conducted in English in this class.このクラスの授業は英語で行なわれるget ballet instructionバレエのレッスンを受けるgive musical instruction to……に音楽教育をするinstruction given
  • on special:    特価で
  • special:    1special n. 特別の人; 特売(品); 特別番組.【形容詞 名詞+】What's the daily special?(きょうの)日替わりスペシャルメニューは何ですかToday's specials are really worthwhile.きょうの特売品は本当に買い得だ.【前置詞+】Aussie beef is on special today.きょうはオーストラリア産の牛肉が特


  1. in the letter dated may 16 , 1635 , he gave a special instruction ' hawk picture folding screens should be created and carried to nikko , and for external fame , pictures should be drawn skillfully ' and he showed satisfaction with the result in the letter dated april 8 , 1636 , ' twelve hawk picture plates were delivered safely and they have painted excellently ' ( ' book by tadakatsu sakai vol .2 ' ).


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