specificity clearance 意味

  • 個別許可
  • specificity:    {名-1} : 特異性{とくい せい}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{名-2} : 《医》特異度{とくい ど} -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • clearance:    clearance n. 通関手続き; 許可; 隙間, 間隔; 取り片づけ; 在庫一掃セール.【動詞+】allow clearance for inserting a cotter pin〔機械〕 割りピンを差しこむ隙間を見込むget clearance to do……する許可を得るI have got clearance from my boss to release the informa
  • acceptor specificity:    受容体特異性{じゅようたい とくいせい}


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