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  1. spirits of ancestors practice using human bodies in this world .
  1. in countries of the chinese cultural sphere , july 15th of the lunar calendar is ' the ghost festival (中元节 in simplified characters ), ' and as in japan , festivals relating to the spirits of ancestors are held .
    中国文化圏では、旧暦7月15日を中元節(簡体字 中元节)と呼び、日本同様、祖霊にちなんだ祭りが催される。
  1. furthermore , discrimination still deeply exists--even nowadays--toward the heretics who believe in the immortality of the spirit , such as in christianity , and who believe in the spirits of ancestors , such as in japanese shinto .
  1. if the term of butsudan simply means a miniature temple , it should not be necessary for any temple which has already its own main hall for buddha , but an onaibutsu altar is additionally installed in many temples considering it serves for the spirits of ancestors .
  1. there are two theories to explain the origin of butsudan; one refers to ' jibutsudo ' (small private buildings or rooms used by noble men to enshrine their own buddhist images and for their own personal spiritual edification ) and another to ' tamadana ' (alters dedicated to spirits of ancestors ).


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