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  1. We need to move our troops into the middle east to stabilise the region .
  2. Unless selvig has figured out how to stabilise the quantum tunnelling effect .
    セルヴィグが量子トンネル効果に 気付いてなければね
  3. It's a stabilising agent .
  4. 'i was tryin' to stabilise below the belt 'when this guy the size of the statue of liberty walks up to me . '
    下をなだめてた時に 自由の女神のような デカ物がやってきた
  5. That's when he pulled to a halt , tried to stabilise him , and evacuated him to the csh , which is the ...
    車を止め 彼を助けようと CSHに運ぼうとした CSHというのは???
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