stage construction 意味

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  • 段階施工{だんかい せこう}
  • construction stage:    施工段階{せこう だんかい}
  • construction:    construction n. 建設(業); 建造物; 建築様式; 構成, 構造; 解釈.【動詞+】accelerate construction of badly-needed housing緊急に必要な住宅建設を促進するThe sentence does not bear such a construction.この文はそんなふうには解釈できないbegin construction of
  • in construction with:    ~と構造{こうぞう}を成して


  1. the tumulus is a square front , square back mound with three stage construction , whose square front facing west .
  1. the tumulus is well preserved , and its stage construction can be clearly observed since trees are not grown .
  1. the tumulus has the three stage construction and is 45 .5 meters long in east and west , 42 .2 meters long in north and south , and about 9 .1 meters high .
  1. minezuka-kofun tumulus: a round barrow of 35 meters in diameter and 6 meters in height , which has the two stage construction and is located about 500 meters east of nishiyama-kofun tumulus .
    峯塚古墳 - 西山古墳から東に約500mほどのところにある径35メートル高さ6メートル2段構築の円墳である。


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