started 意味

発音を聞く:   startedの例文
  • 《be ~》運転が開始される、緒につく
  • to be started:    to be started緒に就くしょにつく
  • games started:    《野球》先発{せんぱつ}した試合数{しあい すう}、先発出場試合数◆【略】GS
  • get started:    スタートする、始めるLet's get started. さあ始めましょう。I can hardly wait to get started. 早く始めたくて待ち切れないよ。"How's your business going?" "Don't get me started! You know how tough it is to survive these days?" 「仕事の調子はどうよ


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  1. but since i started working i can only watch .
  2. and the course of futugaku (the general subject ) was started .
  3. and then they toweled her down because she started sweating
  4. and people started renovating their own structures .
    そして 人々は自ら改造し始めました
  5. it started with a question by the mayor of the city


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