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  • 国務委員
  • chief councilor of state:    大納言{だいなごん}
  • councilor:    councilor, 《英》 councillor n. 評議員, 顧問官, 参事官; 州議会議員.【形容詞 名詞+】an advisory councillor《英》 顧問官a city councilor市議会議員a community councilor地域評議員a county councillor《英》 州議会議員a board composed of elected council
  • cabinet councilor:    内閣審議官


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  1. in 840 he was appointed to state councilor .
  1. he became a state councilor in 861 , and became daijo daihitsu (assistant to the minister of justice ).
  1. he was the prince of emperor godaigo; his mother was yugimonin ichijo no tsubone whose father was fujiwara no sanetoshi , a state councilor shosanmi (senior third rank ).
  1. people who were court nobles , (higher rank than jusanmi (junior third rank - or state councilor ) were allowed to wear noshi , but ' zappo shenshi ' was not automatically allowed because of official rank .
  1. on august 29th , 1869 , he assumed the office of state councilor and executed the establishment of the centralization of administrative power by the meiji government , including the return of lands and people to the emperor , the abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures .
    明治2年7月22日 (旧暦)(1869年8月29日)に参議に就任し、版籍奉還、廃藩置県などの明治政府の中央集権体制確立を行う。


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