step up to 意味

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  • ~へ近づく
  • step it up:    音量{おんりょう}を上げる
  • step up:    {名} : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形} :
  • step-up:    {名} : 逓増{ていぞう}、漸増{ぜんぞう}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-1} : 徐々{じょじょ}に増える、逓増{ていぞう}する、漸増{ぜんぞう}する ----------------------------------------------------


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  1. to get canada to step up to its responsibilities
  2. your ass better step up to the plate . ill step up .
  3. i figured i'd step up to help , go with 'em .
  4. anybody feels they want to step up to the challenge , it's on you .
    チャレンジしたい奴がいるなら 前に出て来い
  5. they need to step up to the plate and take care of our teachers and our children .
    教師と子供のことを 真剣に吟味しろ


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