step-up 意味

発音を聞く   step-upの例文
  • {名} : 逓増{ていぞう}、漸増{ぜんぞう}
    {形-1} : 徐々{じょじょ}に増える、逓増{ていぞう}する、漸増{ぜんぞう}する
  • step it up:    音量{おんりょう}を上げる
  • step up:    {名} : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形} :
  • step up to:    ~へ近づく


  1. in addition , the details of the step-up from the zen meditation practice done by ordinary persons and a believer of a religion other than buddhism , to the zen practice reaching the same status as buddha with the holy wisdom lead by ones own power , are shown in " tetsugan-zenji kana hogo " (zen-master tetsugan ' s explanation of the teachings of buddha in kana ).


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