stone fence 意味

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  • ストーン?フェンス、石垣{いしがき}、石塀{いしべい}
  • a fence:    a fence故買者こばいしゃ
  • be on the fence:    be on the fénce ?=sit on the FENCE .
  • fence:    1fence n. 垣, 垣根, 柵; (馬術競技の)障害物.【動詞+】break down a fence垣をこわすThe storm brought down a lot of fences.その嵐で多くの垣が倒れたbuild a fence of antiaircraft guns around the cityその都市の周囲に高射砲網を建設するHis horse just cleare


  1. a stone fence built to prevent the overflow of the kamo-gawa river still remains here .
  2. a five storied pagoda stands on a tumulus-shaped mound surrounded by a stone fence .
  3. in may 1915 , the surrounding stone fence was donated by kabuki actors and other famous entertainers , and the promoter is said to have been ' fushimi no yuzan ' , a yakuza in kyoto .
  4. when he was confused and hesitated by anticipating that , if he made a mistake , something untoward might occur , and not only he but also generations to come would be disgraced , toba-in ordered him again , so , yorimasa presented to toba-in a poem saying that ' the water overflows the stone fence of the pond due to early-summer rain . therefore , it is hard to tell which one is ayame (iris )' .
  5. the sakimisasagiyam tumulus: 210m , the present hibasuhime ' s mausoleum built in the latter half of the first half of the kofun period , at the top of the round part of which a platform is provided by piling flatly cut stones in the koguchi-zumi way (so that the smaller side of each stone was placed outside ) to make an approx . 70-cm-high rectangular stone fence and by filling the inside with soil .


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