strange theory 意味

  • strange theory
  • advance a strange theory:    奇説を吐く
  • strange:    strange adj. 未知の, 不思議な, 変な; 不慣れな.【副詞】a bit strange少し変なIt's rather strange that nobody's here.だれもここにいないのはいささかおかしいunbelievably strange信じられないほど不思議な.【+前置詞】I noticed something strange about him.彼の様子がどこか変
  • act strange:    変な行動をする、様子がおかしい[変だ]He was acting strange. 彼の様子が変だ。


  1. in addition , there is the saika theory and a strange theory that assumes that okamoto echigo no kami was actually magoichi saika .
  2. besides the above , there are other theories one was that when kenshin went to the lavatory he was killed with a spear by a murderer who was dispatched by nobunaga , another strange theory that he died of women ' s disease (details are stated in kenshin uesugi was female ), others are kenshin died of gastric or esophageal cancer due to excessive drinking of sake , and that he was killed with arsenic poison by nobunaga oda are still other theories .


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