strong candidate 意味

  • 有力な候補、有力選手{ゆうりょく せんしゅ}
  • hopeful (promising or strong) candidate:    hopeful (promising or strong) candidate有力馬ゆうりょくば
  • candidate:    candidate n. 候補者; 志願者.【動詞+】The constituency party has not yet adopted a candidate.《英》 選挙母体となる党がまだ公認候補を指名していないback a candidate立候補者を支援するboom a candidate《米》 候補者をはでに宣伝するThis news should boost the candid
  • candidate (for):    candidate (for)立候補者りっこうほしゃ


  1. we found dozens of these strong candidate
  2. a strong candidate to win , team 5d's ! they're off to a bad start !
    [マイク]優勝候補 チーム・5d’s まさかの連敗スタート!
  3. in 1857 , he became a strong candidate for the heir to iesada tokugawa .
  4. considering yoshinobu as a strong candidate as the heir to the shogun , ieyoshi visited the hitotsubashi residence often , but he abandoned this idea after accepting roju masahiro abe ' s admonishing advice .


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