struck by 意味

  • {1} : 《be ~》感銘{かんめい}[強い印象]を受ける
    {2} : 《be ~》被災する
  • struck:    {動} : strike の過去?過去分詞形--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】strΛ'k、【@】ストゥラック、ストラック
  • to be struck:    to be struck打たれる撃たれるうたれる
  • awe struck:    {形} :


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  1. i can't believe we haven't been struck by lightning . oh !
    今に 雷に打たれるわ
  2. and i was really struck by how much it affected me .
  3. i'm told that he's just been struck by lightning .
    聞いたところ あの子は雷に撃たれたと
  4. so i am really struck by the notion in your career
  5. oh , my god . i thought she was struck by lightning .


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