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  1. warikanoko: a hairstyle with both stylishness and cuteness which gave an impression that chigomage was made to lie flat backward .
  2. due to the degree of importance attached to the stylishness , a great deal of obstinate and vain rhetoric is suggested in the term ' taguru .'
  3. after suzuki ' s joining shochiku , the top director of that company keisuke kinoshita who was well-known for his refined stylishness said , ' i don ' t want that grubby guy for my assistant director .'
  4. with a facade being tsuma (the gable end of a structure normally at right angle to the main ridge ) provided with a kokerabuki (shingled ) irimoya-style (hipped ) roof , joan has a distinctive stylishness different from that of taian built by sen no rikyu .
  5. meitei eloquently lectured on the art of soba eating and swallowed soba with a condiment of hot wasabi , tears his eyes , adhering to his idea of stylishness which seemed a bit like snobbish affectation , but compared with meitei ' s being a passionate stickler about soba , the impression of udon , with the dyspeptic kushami sensei being the ' udon lover ,' seems relatively unexciting .


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