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  1. There's one other place you'll find this material , styrene
  2. One-trip containers on or into which takoyaki is put are mostly boat-shaped trays made of paper-thin sheets of wood (kyogi ), but some containers are made of paper , styrene foam or thin plastic sheets .
  3. The headgear of the lion costume , called " shishi-gashira ," is mostly made from wood , but there also exists headgear which is made by sticking traditional japanese paper together , and recently , headgear made from styrene foam is seen , too .
  4. Based on the speed98 list ( ' the policy to handle the problem of endocrine-disrupting chemical material by the environmental agency ' ) provided by the then environmental agency (the current ministry of the environment ) in 1998 , the mass media criticized that it would affect to human body by consuming endocrine-disrupting chemical material (styrene dimer and styrene trimer ) eluted from a foamed polystyrene container after putting soup and noodles and pouring very hot water , consequently it became such a big problem that every manufacturer immediately switched to a paper container .
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