supply of water 意味

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  • supply of water
  • supply water:    送水する、配水する、上水を供給{きょうきゅう}する
  • supply with water:    給水する、送水する
  • water supply:    water supply水利すいり水道すいどう給水きゅうすい上水じょうすい配水はいすい


  1. they're concerned about securing an adequate supply of water
  2. when you asked me for your own personal supply of water when the plumbing went down , did i not provide it ?
    水道が壊れたとき、自分専用の水を 頼まれたとき、あげただろ?
  3. his or her responsibility includes the steaming process of sake rice in a koshiki (rice-steaming pot ), kindling a fire for a pot , washing the rice , weighing the rice , and other preparations such as the supply of water .
  4. a multipurpose dam , kusaki dam was built in azuma village , seta county , gunma prefecture (present seta county , gunma prefecture ), along the upper stream of watarase-gawa river mainly for controlling flood of watarase-gawa river and for supply of water for the metropolitan area (completed in 1977 ).
    渡良瀬川の治水と首都圏への水道供給を主目的にした多目的ダム、草木ダムが渡良瀬川上流の群馬県勢多郡東村 (群馬県勢多郡)に作られた(1977年竣工)。


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