suspicious character 意味

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  • 怪しい男、怪しげな人物、要注意人物
  • activities of a suspicious character:    怪しげな活動{かつどう}
  • be suspicious of:    be suspicious of疑ぎ
  • suspicious:    suspicious adj. 疑い深い, 信用しない, 怪しんでいる.【副詞】I was a little suspicious of her motives.彼女の動機には多少疑惑を抱いていたHis career in the company advanced with almost suspicious ease.疑わしいといってもよいほどやすやすと社内で昇進したI'm always s


  1. the culprit is a coward and a strongly suspicious character .
    犯人は臆病で 猜疑心が強い性格です。
  2. i would rather keep a suspicious character
  3. a suspicious character chases him saying , " hey mister , wait up ."
  4. it is said that yoritomo was mistaken as a suspicious character and killed on the way of sneaking into his lover ' s room under the cover of darkness .


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