systematically collected 意味

  • systematically-collected:    {形} : 系統的{けいとう てき}に収集{しゅうしゅう}された
  • systematically:    {副} : 体系的に、組織的に、組織ぐるみで、整然と、ところてん式に、意図的に、制度的{せいどてき}に--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【@】システマチカリー、システマティカリー
  • collected:    {形-1} : 集めた、集まった--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 落ち着いた、冷静な --------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-3


  1. however in 1793 , the united kingdom , which tried to colonize india , introduced the zamindari system in the north of india , admitted the lords and landowners as those who had a modern landownership , but forcibly deprived the traditional local people of landownership and the right to cultivate and made them tenant farmers who belonged to the lords and landowners and systematically collected tax as cash money through the lords and landowners permanently .


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