table runner 意味

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  • テーブル?ランナー
  • runner:    runner n. 走るもの; (野球の)走者, ランナー; 競走者; 使い走り, 伝令; 密輸業者; (そりなどの)刃; (カーテンの)レール; 細長いじゅうたん; 〔植物〕 匍匐(ほふく)茎.【動詞+】drive a runner home(野球で)打って走者を生還させるThe pitcher looked over his shoulder to hold the runner at f
  • at the table:    食事中で、食卓について、食事の席に着いてYou shouldn't talk about such things at the table. 食事中はそういう話をするべきではない。
  • on the table:    {1} : テーブルの上に、卓上{たくじょう}に--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : (食事{しょくじ}の)用意{ようい}ができてWhen I came home at 5 p.m., dinner was on the table. -------------


  1. and then i used my pashmina as a table runner
  2. and i used my pashmina as a table runner ...


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