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  • {地名} : 泰山、タイシャン、たいざん◆中国?山東省の山。泰安市の北。中国の五岳の一つ(泰山、華山、嵩山、恒山、衡山)。秦の始皇帝が戴冠の儀式を行った。
  • mount taishan:    泰山{たいざん}(タイシャン)◆ユネスコの世界遺産。中華人民共和国
  • mt taishan (china):    Mt Taishan (China)泰山たいざん


  1. in terms of the war , an old saying ' life is heavier than mount taishan in a sense , and lighter than a feather of a stork in another sense ' was put in a phrase ' keep it in mind that justice is heavier than a mountain and life is lighter than a feather of a stork ,' that was an order meaning ' do not waste life usually , but sometimes die for justice , for example for emperor and the state ' (cf . senjinkun military code says , " do not live as a captive to be subjected to humiliating treatment " , and the senjinkun idea of denying surrender ), though why it was rephrased is unclear .


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