tales of moonlight and rain 意味

発音を聞く:   tales of moonlight and rainの例文
  • 雨月物語{うげつものがたり}◆1776年、上田秋成作。
  • by moonlight:    月明かりで、月夜に
  • in the moonlight:    in the moonlight月下にげっかに月下げっか
  • moonlight:    moonlight n. 月光.【+動詞】The moonlight bathed the whole scene in a ghostly white.その光景全体に亡霊のような白い月光が注いでいたSuddenly the moonlight broke through the heavy cover of night.突然月光が夜の厚いとばりを破って差しこんだthe moonlight p


  1. the sentences mentioned above are the entire preface to " tales of moonlight and rain ."
  2. it suggests that akinari ueda was enthusiastic about writing " tales of moonlight and rain ," and offers insight about how it was written .
  3. in short , these two ukiyo zoshi works , " sekenzaru " and " tekake katagi ," and the yomihon " tales of moonlight and rain " were series .
  4. in the preface of " ugetsu monogatari " there is a description ' 明和戊子晩春 ,' which indicates that " tales of moonlight and rain " was completed in the late spring of 1768 .
  5. it is a famous story that is told in collections of poems and stories from around the time of the tale , including " sanka shu " (saigyo ' s representative collection of poems called " poems of a mountain home " in english ), " saigyo monogatari " (a story of saigyo ) and even ' shiramine ' ( " tales of moonlight and rain " ) by akinari ueda .


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