taut 意味

発音記号: [ tɔ:t ]発音を聞く   tautの例文
  • {人名} : タウト
  • taut-:    {連結} : tauto-の異形{いけい}◆母音の前で
  • b. taut:    {人名} : =
  • become taut:    緊張{きんちょう}する


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  1. pulling his tendons taut . so how does someone move
  2. like if you took a rubber band and stretched it taut across the thames
  3. when we feel this go taut , we'll take up the slack to stop you from hitting too hard .
    紐がぴんと張ったら たるませていく 着地の衝撃を和らげるために
  4. futodama immediately pulled shimenawa (a sacred rice-straw rope ) taut in front of the door of the cave , and told her not to step inside any more .
  5. (at that time , at the request of bruno taut , a german architect who designed this villa , he gave various advice as to japanese style construction as a supervisor )


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