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  1. was fatter than a telephone directory
  2. is that the telephone directory ?
  3. as of may 2007 , " atagoyama cable " is not listed not in the i-townpage (an internet telephone directory ).
  4. as the catch phrase was related to the telephone number , it had been used also in an advertisement on the back cover of a telephone directory since 1933 .
  5. the book " naoki tanemura ' s new consulting room for train travel - basics of train travel and fares and fees " (first published in 1993 from jiyu kokumin sha , isbn 4426548012 ) mentions that a telephone number of a company called " atagoyama cable " was listed in the telephone directory for kyoto city in 1992 .
    『種村直樹の新汽車旅相談室 汽車旅の基礎と運賃・料金篇』(自由国民社、1993年初版、ISBN 4426548012)には1992年ごろに「愛宕山ケーブル」という会社の電話番号が京都市内のタウンページに掲載されていたことが報告されている。


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