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  1. in response to the request , the authorities gave an unrealistic answer , stating , ' we will deal with this issue by increasing the bus services ' (the major purpose of the subway construction was to reduce traffic jams , so increasing the bus services represented a paradox ), which was a temporizing reply and thus a fictitious story .
  2. knocking on my head with a short-cut hair (after removing the topknot ) we can hear the sound of civilization; knocking on your head with a long and knotted hair , (traditional hair style for young samurai ) we would hear the sound of imperial rules coming back; knocking on the head with a half-shaved hair style , (traditional and common samurai hair style ) we would hear the sound of temporizing with old customs .'
    - 「散切頭(ザンギリあたま)をたたいて見れば文明開化の音がする 総髪頭(そうはつあたま)をたたいて見れば王政復古の音がする 半髪(はんぱつ)頭を叩いてみれば因循姑息(いんじゅんこそく)の音がする」


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