tempted 意味

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  • 《be ~》誘いに乗る
  • tempted to:    《be ~》~する気にさせられる、~したくなる、~したほうがいいという気になる
  • feel tempted to:    ~したくなる
  • sorely tempted:    sorely temptedうずうず


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  1. instead of which , we've allowed ourselves to be tempted
  2. you must have been tempted by this girl , right ?
    あなた この女に誘惑されたんでしょ?
  3. as expected , such people were tempted by broadway .
  4. i tempted you into our ... unnatural relations .
    私はあなたを... 不自然な関係へ誘惑しました
  5. you've never been tempted to see what's inside ?


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