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  • the age of civil war


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  1. it was said narimasa nagano and narimori nagano , father and son , who were the uesugi clan ' s aides in the age of civil war were ariwara clan ' s descendants .
  2. since hiroyuki miura presented this uprising in his research titled " national assembly in the age of civil war " in 1912 , the uprising in yamashiro province became widely-known .
  3. among the daimyos of the age of civil war , nobunaga oda ' s powers gradually became extremely strong , and by obeying yoshiaki ashikaga and arriving in kyoto , government by nobunaga began .
  4. iemitsu was fond of inviting military commanders to talk with him , such as masamune date , hidemoto mori and muneshige tachibana who lived through the age of civil war , and hearing their tales of battle .
  5. during the age of civil war in japan , the faith that miroku bosatsu would appear in this world was popular and the appearance of ' the world of miroku-butsu ' as utopia in this world was expected .
    日本でも戦国時代 (日本)に、弥勒仏がこの世に出現するという信仰が流行し、ユートピアである「弥勒仏の世」の現世への出現が期待された。
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