the age of consent 意味

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  • the áge of consént
  • age of consent:    (法的に性交?結婚できる)承諾年齢
  • a consent:    a consent一諾いちだく
  • consent:    1consent n. 同意, 承諾.【動詞+】express one's consent承諾の意思を表明するgain general consent満場一致の承認を得るget sb's consent人の同意を得るgive one's consent to a proposal提案に同意するgrant (one's) consent承諾を与えるDo I have your consent?ご


  1. almost 64 million women over the age of consent in russia ... and you sleep with her .
    ロシアで あなたは彼女と寝た
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