the merciless exposure of children to danger 意味

  • 無慈悲に子供を危険にさらすこと
  • exposure to danger:    危険状態{きけん じょうたい}にさらすこと
  • merciless:    merciless adj. 無慈悲な, 残酷な.【+前置詞】The editorial was merciless in its criticism of drug manufacturers.社説は麻薬生産者を容赦なく批判したbe merciless in ridiculing…無情にも…をあざ笑うHe was merciless to his students.学生に対して情け容赦がなか
  • impact on children of exposure to spousal abuse:    配偶者虐待{はいぐうしゃ ぎゃくたい}(の現実{げんじつ})に子どもをさらすことの影響{えいきょう}


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