the satsuma rebellion 意味

  • the Satsuma Rebellion
  • satsuma rebellion:    西南戦争
  • satsuma:    {名} : ウンシュウミカン、薩摩焼き--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】saetsu':mэ、【変化】《複》satsumas
  • rebellion:    rebellion n. 謀反, 反逆, 反乱.【動詞+】crush a rebellion謀反を鎮圧するthe rebellion headed by……を首領とする反逆incite (a) rebellion謀反を扇動するjoin a rebellion反乱に加担するpacify a rebellion反乱を平定するspeedily quash a rebellionただちに謀反を鎮めるr


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  1. of the satsuma rebellion , the battle of tabaruzaka , began .
  1. many goshi also maintained a frigid attitude in relation to the satsuma rebellion .
  1. while he served in the satsuma rebellion , he was stricken with diarrhea in the kyushu region , and died in the army hospital in nagasaki .
  1. togo ' s elder brother sokuro ogura actually served in the satsuma rebellion as commanding officer of the third battalion ninth platoon , and committed suicide after the battle of shiroyama .
  1. during the satsuma rebellion , he went to the front as the regimental commander of the 12th regiment of foot soldiers , and during the sino-japanese war , he participated in the attack to ikaiei (a harbor city in the sandong peninsula , present weihai in china ) as the division commander of the 6th division (japanese army ).
    西南の役では歩兵第12連隊長として出征し、日清戦争では第6師団 (日本軍)長として威海衛の攻撃に参加する。


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