theater audience 意味

  • 劇場{げきじょう}の観客{かんきゃく}
  • audience:    audience n.(1) 聴衆; 観客; 読者.【動詞+】address a large audience大聴衆に演説するThe audience was deeply affected.聴衆は深く感動したarouse an audience to passion聴衆を熱中させるThe audience was assembled in the school gymnasium.聴衆は学校
  • audience with:    audience with目通りめどおり
  • in the audience:    客席{きゃくせき}の間で


  1. he compensated the unmoving body by the enormous skill of delivering his lines , which fascinated theater audience .
  2. however , he could not gain any support from the theater audience , suffering from commercial failures , often went on the road .
  3. he left the record called " noh no tomecho " from 1588 and we can see co-performers and theater audience in detail .
  4. in a kabuki play , by tipping back the unified floor and wall planes togrther with fixtures , the hidden back of the floor plane now appears as a wall plane in front of the theater audience .


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