then current 意味

  • 当時最新{とうじ さいしん}の
  • current:    1current n. 流れ; 時の流れ, 傾向; 電流.【動詞+】apply the current to……に電流を通すThe car battery collects and stores the current received from the generator.自動車のバッテリーは発電機から受け取る電流を集め蓄えるconduct an electric current電流を伝える
  • alternating-current/direct-current:    alternating-current/direct-current交直両用[電情]
  • a current (of water):    a current (of water)一水いっすい


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  1. when he was 36 , kakuban laid eyes on the then current situation of koya-san mountain , which is sohonzan (the head temple ) of shingon sect .
  2. especially he often visited kenkado ' s house and read and obtained knowledge from then current books shipped from china while helping his publishing business .
  3. since the period of the northern and southern courts , discrimination between " nainai " and " tozama " was created according to the closeness to the then current emperor .
  4. as we can see from the fact that he assumed the position of kunaikyo from 1522 to 1537 , he positively acted not only as an onmyoji (master of yin yang ), but also as a close advisor to then current emperor gonara .
  5. according to the new timetable revised in october of 1970 , just after expo ' 70 , newly born special rapid trains were put into operation interspacing the then current timetable , so that some local trains were forced to shunt at ashiya , shin-osaka , takatsuki to let both the new rapid and rapid trains to pass .


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