throng 意味

発音記号: [ θrɔŋ ]発音を聞く   throngの例文
  • throng into:    どやどやと入る
  • throng of:    《a ~》~の群れ、多数{たすう}の~、大勢{おおぜい}の~
  • dense throng:    密集した群衆


  1. with the throng of undulating bodies on the dance floor
    みんなと一緒に ダンスフロアで身体をくねらせ
  2. and chris hughes strode into the middle of the throng
    すると クリス・ヒュースは その群衆の真ん中に歩み出て
  3. so there's no end to the throng of patients who come seeking his help .
    ですから 先生を頼ってくる患者が あとを絶ちません
  4. being surrounded by the students ' voices and songs of protest , the emperor left kyoto university after 2 pm through a throng of policemen .
  5. radical factions of the kensei yogo group , however , held rallies in the ueno onshi koen park and on the streets in kanda to bluntly criticize the katsura cabinet , and this event caused some of the citizens excited by the speeches at the rallies to throng to the diet building .


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