through miscarriage of post 意味

  • 郵便の誤配により
  • lose one's baby through a miscarriage:    流産{りゅうざん}で胎児{たいじ}[子ども?赤ん坊?赤ちゃん]を失う[亡くす]
  • suffer the death of one's baby through a miscarriage:    流産{りゅうざん}で子供{こども}を亡くす
  • miscarriage:    miscarriage n. 流産; 失敗; 〔法律〕 過誤.【動詞+】I have had three miscarriages in the last three years.過去 3 年間に 3 回流産したprevent unwanted miscarriages望ましくない流産を防ぐThis gross miscarriage of justice can never be recti


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