through negotiations with 意味



  1. having received the withdrawal order , yukinaga konishi succeeded in december to obtain a promise of bloodless withdrawal through negotiations with and by bribing the ming and korean commanders of the army and navy .
  1. from the end of 1868 , he hid with the former shinsengumi members , ichiro minami and mototaro takeuchi in edo , to assassinate the former shinsengumi soldiers , hayakawa and fukui (first names were unknown ) by the order of kuninosuke abe of numazu kinban gumi (edo duty of numazu ) but ran out of money so they begged for money from kaishu katsu in january but were scolded instead over the disposal of hayakawa and fukui . so they decided to end the conflict peacefully through negotiations with both parties .
  1. there are some companies that provide services of fare-paying conveyance of passengers without a class ii driver license , but with the permission of the motor vehicle official by interpreting the article 80 of the road transportation act beyond the realm of its original scope , which is so-called ' article 80 authorized vehicle ' (see abolished substitution bus article 80 bus ); however , many ordinary taxi operators have broken the force of an objection to the ministry of land , infrastructure , transport and tourism saying that what those companies are doing is a shiro-taku operation , which has somehow reached an understanding between these two types of companies through negotiations with the ministry of health , labor and welfare .


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