through negotiations 意味



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  1. how are we going to solve climate change through negotiations
    人々や市民団体を 問題の一部としてではなく
  2. do you see any way through negotiations ... to bring the separatists back into the republic ?
    交渉を通じて分離主義者たちを 呼び戻す余地があると思いますか?
  3. having received the withdrawal order , yukinaga konishi succeeded in december to obtain a promise of bloodless withdrawal through negotiations with and by bribing the ming and korean commanders of the army and navy .
  4. after failing in the two mongol attempts to invade japan , kublai khan , the founder of yuan , sent a mission to japan to make japan its tributary nation through negotiations , although still watching for a chance to invade japan again .
  5. through negotiations among the parties concerned , it was decided that kintetsu and keihan should construct a line up to aramoto station and osaka city a line in the urban area , on the condition that through-service would be provided between the two lines .


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