to audit 意味

  • 監査する
  • audit:    1audit n. 会計検査, 監査.【動詞+】do an audit会計検査を行なうhave an audit of one's finances自分の経理の監査を受ける.【形容詞 名詞+】The city undergoes an annual audit.市は年 1 回会計監査を受けるIf you doubt our assessment you are entitled to ask
  • it audit:    システム監査{かんさ}
  • (financial) audit:    (financial) audit会計監査かいけいかんさ


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  1. they're confidential . i don't need to audit you
    僕は 君たちの会計監査をする必要は無い
  2. join the movement to audit and end the federal reserve !
  3. kazue-ryo (officials to audit the soyocho-cho (cho of soyocho tax system: textile goods or alternative money ))
  4. around 797 , kageyushi was introduced to audit results of the administration when a kokushi (provincial governor ) was to be replaced .
  5. at the seijukan , anyone who wanted to be an auditor , even if not a medical student , was allowed to audit lectures , and kinga often gave lectures on the secchugaku (eclecticism ).


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