to be arranged 意味

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  • to be arranged
  • arranged:    arranged済みすみ
  • arranged with:    ~をきれいに盛りつけた
  • as arranged:    打ち合わせどおり(に)、予定どおり(に)、手はずどおり(に)、寸法どおり(に)、あらかじめ取り決めたとおり


  1. his needs to be arranged , general fellers .
    こういう事は事前に手配されなければ なりません、フェラーズ准将
  2. kizai haniwa and house-shaped haniwa began to be arranged to shape a square in the surrounding of the tumulus .
  3. the book also contains many interesting descriptions , one such passage describes japanese horseradish (wasabi ) and salt having to be arranged side by side to accompany sliced raw fish , and vinegar also being a necessity when serving in the shijo school , and so on .
  4. he left only the first draft , so we hesitated to print it at first , however , for all the students ' earnest requests , we eventually printed volume 1 to 28 , as you already know; we have also edited paragraphs 144 to 150 , so those are going to be printed soon as volumes 29 and 30 , although the dates are still to be arranged .


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