to be asked to 意味

  • to be asked to


  1. he seems to be asked to meet orthopedic in l & p
    L&Pの整形外科で 診てもらっていたそうよ。➡
  2. people said , ' motsugai ' s praying for rain works well ,' so every time when the dry weather lasted , motsugai came to be asked to pray for rain by farmers .
  3. the story is that a girl being born from a bamboo shoot comes to be asked to marry by sons of a feudal lord , but she refuses them giving difficult tasks , and she is wedded to a man whom she has loved for a long time in the end; especially the number of treasures in the scene of courtship , the treasures themselves , conversation with the men , and the ending are quite similar to taketori monogatari .


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