to be assigned 意味

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  • to be assigned
  • assigned:    {形} : 割り当てられた
  • assigned to:    《be ~》~に割り当てられる、~に配属される、~に配置される、~の任務を受ける、~を担当するI was assigned to the Tokyo office.I've been assigned to work with you.He was assigned to coach a group of cheerleaders.They were assigned to care for
  • not assigned:    未特定{み とくてい}


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  1. that's why i'd like to be assigned to this detachment .
  2. you think upton sinclair waits to be assigned a story ?
    アプトン・シンクレアは 担当になるのを待ってた?
  3. listen , i don't blame you if you want to be assigned a new counselor .
    あなたが別の カウンセラーに 変えたいなら 私は構わない
  4. this was the first time for a samurai family to be assigned to udaijin after minamoto no sanetomo .
  5. last month , there was an unofficial announcement that i was going to be assigned to the detective section .
    先月 刑事課配属の 内示がありました。


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