to be concluded 意味

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  • to be concluded
  • concluded:    《be ~》完結する、終局を告げる、終結する、終了する、次回完結
  • concluded as of:    《be ~》_年_月_日付けにて締結{ていけつ}される
  • as and when it is concluded:    それが締結されたときには


  1. he says ' i have been praying to invoke the divine help as a 100-day session and today is the day for the session to be concluded and , therefore , i will hold a buddhism service called ' nio-kai (the guardian god meet )' .
  2. in october 1905 , japanese government made a cabinet decision on the policy to build the protection right for korea , and in november , hirobumi ito was sent as a special envoy , and on november 28 , the eulsa treaty was forced to be concluded .


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