to be limited to 意味

  • to be limited to
  • limited:    limited有限ゆうげんリミテッドリミティッド限り有るかぎりある乏しいとぼしいともしい
  • limited to:    《be ~》~に限定{げんてい}[限局{げんきょく}]される、~に限られるThe invention is not to be considered limited to what is shown in the drawings and described in the specification. 本発明は図面に示されているもの、および本明細書に記載されているものに限定されるものではない。
  • in limited areas for limited periods:    場所{ばしょ}や期間{きかん}を限定{げんてい}して


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  1. from the edo period on , hikimayu came to be limited to women who meet the conditions below , and was applied together with ohaguro at genpuku ceremonies .
  2. because doctrine decides ' dokuju ' (chanting sutras ), ' kanzatsu ' (meditation ), ' raihai ' (reverence ) and ' sandan kuyo ' (holding ceremonies ) as jogyo (sub-practices ), there is no necessity for them to be limited to statues and pictures , so the use of myogo honzon does match the doctrine .
  3. after the families of officials in charge of practical business became restricted to kajuji-ryu (the kanjuji line ), the hino family and takamune-ryu heishi (taira clan of takamune group ) in the twelfth century , persons who became sanji kentai holder also came to be limited to those who were the members of these three families (exceptions were fujiwara no toshinori/sadanori , sons of shinzei ).
  4. needless to say , manorial lords and imperial officials (court nobles ) were opposed to the authorization of land stewards and military governors appointed by yoritomo , and the appointment of land stewards was limited to imperial territories confiscated from the taira clan (former territories of the taira clan ) (opinions also differ as to how the appointment of land stewards came to be limited to these territories ).
  5. the seventh head of omotesenke , joshinsai , decided that ' those that can call themselves senke are (the first sons of ) omotesenke , urasenke , and mushanokojisenke , and second sons , third sons , and so forth can ' t call themselves as one ,' and the other two houses agreed with the decision; therefore , senke in the world of tea ceremony came to be limited to the three houses , which are omotesenke , urasenke , and mushanokojisenke .
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