to be prudent 意味

  • to be prudent
  • prudent:    prudent adj. 慎重な; 分別がある.【+前置詞】be prudent in what one says言葉を慎むShe is prudent in doing her duties.任務を慎重に遂行するIt was very prudent of you to keep quiet.静かにしていて君はとても分別があった.【+to do】He was prudent enough t
  • prudent to:    《be ~》慎重{しんちょう}を期して軽々{かるがる}しく~しない
  • in a prudent manner:    慎重{しんちょう}に


  1. on the other hand , sanetomi sanjo of kyoto , who had been informed of tenchu-gumi ' s radical uprising , sent kuniomi hirano as a messenger to persuade to be prudent .
  2. after this incident , although katsu repeatedly requested enomoto to be prudent , enomoto did not listen to katsu since he was still dissatisfied with the punishment of the tokugawa family .
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