to be started 意味

  • to be started
  • started:    《be ~》運転が開始される、緒につく
  • games started:    《野球》先発{せんぱつ}した試合数{しあい すう}、先発出場試合数◆【略】GS
  • get started:    スタートする、始めるLet's get started. さあ始めましょう。I can hardly wait to get started. 早く始めたくて待ち切れないよ。"How's your business going?" "Don't get me started! You know how tough it is to survive these days?" 「仕事の調子はどうよ


  1. this plan was approved in september of 1940 , and it was decided that the work to construct the line was to be started .
  2. the necessary land had already been procured in the pre-war era for the bullet train plan , enabling the work to be started early on the project .
  3. the government army decided to make an all-out attack to wipe out the main military base of the satsuma army all at once , and made preparations for the all-out attack to be started in the next morning .
  4. based on the national shinkansen network law enforced in 1970 , the following shinkansen lines are listed in the basic plan , which was compiled for determining the shinkansen routes for which construction was to be started .


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