to blur 意味

  • to blur
  • blur:    1blur n. 曇り, かすみ; ぼんやり見えるもの.【形容詞 名詞+】The rushing vehicles were no more than a confused blur to his tired eyes.疾走する車などは彼の疲れた目にはわけのわからないかすみにすぎなかったThe houses were a shapeless blur in the mist.家々は霧に輪郭がぼ
  • blur a definition:    定義をぼかす
  • blur circle:    blur circle錯乱円[機械]


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  1. the lines are going to blur . and they already are
    様々な境界線が曖昧になります 既になりつつあるのは
  2. and you weren't willing to blur the lines between the two .
    そのふたつを隔てる線を しっかり引いてる
  3. the density of black starts to blur umber .
    漆黒は次第に薄まって 琥珀色に
  4. mr parry here frightened him , using this to blur his face .
    あなたが顔をこれで覆い 彼を怖がらせた
  5. it is in vain to blur ... the investigation is on .
    フフフ...。 とぼけても無駄だ。 調べは ついておる。


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