to converse with 意味

  • to converse with
  • converse:    1converse v. 話す, 談話する.【副詞1】I can converse easily with her.彼女となら気楽に話ができるShe can converse fluently in English.英語で流暢に話せるconverse freely with sb about sthあることについて人と心おきなく話すconverse rapidly in a foreign l
  • converse with:    ~と話をする
  • converse domain:    逆領域{ぎゃく りょういき}


  1. i've tried to converse with him on a variety of subjects .
    彼が興味があるものの 会話をしてきたつもりです
  2. the killer liked to converse with his victims , repeatedly and at great length .
    繰り返し 長々とね
  3. through which to converse with the body .
  4. able to converse with anyone ... able to make acquaintances with foreigners ...
    誰とでも会話ができる 外国人と知り合いになれる
  5. they don't have the imagination or the vocabulary to converse with you about it .
    それについて君と語り合う ヴォキャブラリーが無いんだ


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